Empty Vessel 03

(2018) [jumper] 03 in Jumper series.

Muscle Fibre

(2018) [installation] various mixed printed apparel with latex, silicone, Swarovski crystal details, netting, metal pipe, powder spray coating, led strip and spot-lighting, clingfilm.

Stretch marked

(2018) [print] Printing detail on high-compression muscle-fit t-shirt.

Endless Waves Of Confidence

(2018) [installation/sculpture] Treadmill with modified running belt.

Go DoGgO

(2018) [installation] spray paint, printed various t-shirts, muzzle, PVC mask, polystyrene head, latex dog masks, coper pipe, copper hangers, dog chew-toys, printed crushed velvet.


(2018) [installation] Para-cord, aluminium tension hooks, 'slinky' lycra prints, metal-bar frames.

Theatre Mundi

(2017) [sculpture/installation] Digital silk print (134x500cm), X5 45' fans

Reclining monolith

(2018) [sculpture] digital fabric print

The Full Package

(2018) T-shirt prints, hand bent copper hangers

Fragmented Figures

(2018) T-shirt prints, hand bent copper hangers, hand bent pipe, laser cut wooden arm hangers, clingfilm.

Monolithic Fallacy

(2018) [installation]; metal pipes, wooden arms, printed t-shirts, PVC, printed voile, window vinyl, powder coated aluminium grids.

Headless Hydra

(ongoing) T-shirt print series

The Fall & The Snake

(2018) [print] printed silk scarf

High Visibility

(2017) High Vis jacket, digital satin print.

Perfidious Modalities

(2018) installation; x5 aromatherapy diffusers, essential oils, aqua beads, lobster, crab shell, scallops, printed transferees.


(2017) [sculpture] digital fabric print

Online Economic Bulge

(2017) [video]

Shrouded in Mystery

(2017) Digital collage print onto shimmer velvet

Lost in Layers

(2017) Digital collage print onto voile.

Draped in Doubt

(2018) [print] digital collage printed onto plush velvet

Hidden Depths

(2018) [video]


(2016) [video]

Eyes on you

(2017) Collage print coat

Slipping in my skin

Digital print

Technically Damaged

(2017) [digital collage series]

Apple of my eye

(2018) [digital print]


(2016) [video]

Volume & The Void

(2016) [video]


Digital print on power net

Gesture Tank; Look For The Lure

(2016) [installation] projector, various fabric, mirrors, brushed aluminium, acrylic plastic sheets.

Gesture Tank; Look for the lure.

(2016) [video]


(2018) [print] Various printed apparel

Suicidal Beauty

(2018) [prints] various printed clothing

Common As Muck

(2018) [installation] Various printed apparel.


(2018) [print] Digital prints on lilac shift dress

Well that escalated quickly...

...XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXX (2016) [video]

American Heroes



(2018) [commission] Winner of X3 Large scale scaffolding banners

Smile like it don't hurt

(2017) [sculpture] screen printed cardboard delivery boxes

The Distance Between

Steel frame, Cardboard postage tubes, fabric prints, stickers.