Stephanie Wilson is an artist making; clothing, sculpture, video and installation-based work. 


Combining image, objects, fabrics, video and sculpture her practice generates chimera-like forms. Articulating and reflecting a restless sense of mutating materiality and fleeting tangibility symptomatic of our increasingly digitally facilitated interactions.


Incorporating biological shapes with high-tech display and advertisement aesthetics, she re-contextualises and re-appropriates the desiring lure of seductive surfaces to scratch at, and reveal the skin below. Stuck in a fragile state of existence, her works leak and bleed into one another, exposing the porous reality of the blemish-free boundaries, which project and define unachievable ideals upon permeable ‘bodies’.


Rendered through these hybrid assemblages her works maintain a sense of presence and absence; bodies, screens, fabric and flesh are all flattened out. 


Void of their volume they are free to perform constant tonal shifts exposing the gaps between physical intimacies and conceptual distances.